Harley Davidson Accessories & Jewelry For Women

I am attending a birthday party next week for a biker lady friend. My friend V says the gift is a no-brainer since the celebrant is well known for her love of Harley Davidson. I am a little intimidated because it’s going to be a whole lot of cool crowd and there will only be a handful of us non-bike riders.At least I should come up with a decent gift.

Hubby suggested giving one of those motorcycle GPS like zumo 665 . I agree with the idea and to add a personal, touch, I wish to wrap our present with t least one Harley Davidson accessory. Here are my top 4 picks:

1. The Hairglove. A patented, black leather, uni-sex hair accessory designed for ponytial-length hair. The patented built-in hook design keeps the Hairglove stationary. It’s available in 4″, 8″, and 12″ or it can be cut to fit hair length.

2. Biker Betty Enamel Earrings. Hook style Biker Betty earrings are stamped metal with colorful enamel inlay.

3. Harley Davidson Infinity Necklace. Sterling silver infinity circle necklace with diamond finish. Pendant measures 3/4″ across and has an 18″ chain.

4. Hair Lacer. Lacers are easy to use black leather wraps that lace up the front with a raw hide strip. They are available in four lengths.

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