Have A Glam Weekend!

I don’t know about you but I am so ready for the weekend. It’s been a stressful week after week that for once, I just want to savor the pleasure of doing nothing. My calendar is almost empty except for an intimate glitzy birthday celebration of a very dear friend.

The gift is ready with all the trimmings. It’s a no brainer since she is a devout yoga fan and she’s been hinting to look om shanti clothing. They make vibrant and comfortable yoga clothing as I read from one popular health & lifestyle magazine. Well because I love my girlfriends, I got her the bejeweled kabuki top. Don’t worry, she won’t get to read this because the party is happening tonight so  sure am not spoiling anything yet teheeee.

I leave you now for I must put together  a cocktail party outfit. I haven’t thought of anything yet but one thing’s for sure, I am wearing my floral print platform sandals. Boy I can get over this pair of beauties! I’ve always wanted a platform sandals but refrained from buying them because I thought they will just make my feet look bigger. Until one staff pointed out, I tend to buy bigger sizes yay! It’s the perk of being friends with retail staff hehe. They had me fitted and voila, I got the UK size 6.

River Island Print Platform Sandals

Have a glamorous weekend y’all!

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