H&M Pink Mist

The shade didn’t quiet struck me. It’s more of a nude color I must say. But my bottle of Poetic Petra ran out so it was an excuse to buy another nail lacquer. Anyway, it only costs a dollar from the H&M 75% off sale.

To my surprise, the shade grows on you. Yes, it’s nude with just a tinge of pink coloring hence the name Pink Mist. And it is so lovely especially when your nails catches light or sunlight. You’ll both love it indoor and outdoor. But most especially, I enjoy the shade for it is not a loud color yet you feel so pretty just by looking at it. It makes you smile like you have this little secret all to yourself.

Boy what a way to describe nail polish. Here are some photos and judge for yourself.

I have a habit of applying nail polish at night – when all the world is asleep ((^_^))

Laughter and a bottle of chardonnay for mini-valentine date. See how the shade simply define your nails?

Saturday sundowner. You don’t always need a whole new color – your nails look good as they are, and you simply emphasize your style.

Now tell us, what are the ways to keep your nail mani and pedi last longer? Would be happy to hear from you all and thank you in advance.

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5 Responses to H&M Pink Mist

  1. i love different colors , i think the nail polish that is more pricey can last longer than the affordable one. But it’s okay to use just anything . It’s really fun to play with nail colors.

  2. jane says:

    the outcome looks very nice on your nails dear! shud try to buy nailpolishes at H&M too! xx

  3. Pepper Tan says:

    They say you should apply a coat of clear nail polish over your nail color every other day to make it last longer 🙂

  4. Wander Woman says:

    I love nude shade of nail polish. I’m glad it grew on you because it’s really pretty in an understated way.

    Unfortunately, I’m not talented in painting nails. I don’t know how to make it last either. I simply go get mani/pedi every week. 🙂

  5. kai grafia says:

    Nice shade! I like that it’s not really loud or attention grabbing and that it looks neat on the nails :)) Hurray for 75% off!!

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