H&M Travel Nail Care Set

The city’s month long shopping festival has started! But work is demanding too much of my time to browse on the sales that even if we are walking distance to the shopping mall, I have yet to visit.

My friend V however felt so ecstatic yesterday after closing her house hunting deal with Holden Beach Real Estate. To celebrate, she asked to meet for coffee and because I also need to drag Little C away from the swimming pool, I relented. After all, it took them six months to decide which property so yes, this is so much relief.

V treated us to afternoon tea at Chocolate Bar. My little boy perhaps so tired from days of swimming, fell asleep while munching on his second scone. V gave me the look ‘we can go window shopping.’

It was getting dark and we agreed to browse for 10 minutes then walk our way home. As expected, H&M was packed. We learned that some items were sold for a dollar or two. While V decided on bling and accessories, I reached for the nail kit. It costs $1.50 and I decided to purchase it as my very first nail care set.

The net bag contains nail clippers, toe dividers, foot file, nail buffer, nail file, nail brush and a cuticle pusher. Although V was skeptical of its quality but I need to practice doing my own nails and for the price, I think it’s a good start.

Have you tried any of the H&M nail care set? Are they efficient? Have you also bought and tried any of the gorgeous nail polish? Share us!

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