Holiday Gift Guide: Mandolin Christmas Book with CD

Good morning lovelies! It’s a chilly, foggy start of the day and I am enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate courtesy of our neighbor. She approached me right after school run to ask if we know of anybody who gives inexpensive mandolin lesson.

Her 10 year old son has taken a liking for the string instrument and she is pondering whether to put him in a 10-session private lessons which a fee is enough to buy a rogue mandolin at music123 . Then I recall that Hubby likes watching Roland White clips on You Tube. For the uninitiated, Mr. White is a legendary bluegrass mandolinist.In one clip a few years back, I heard him promote a Mandolin Christmas Book with instructional CD. I hurried home to Google it and indeed, such book exists for a mere $20! It features 10 classic Christmas songs and I think this is just a perfect opportunity for a young child to learn musical instrument.

I informed our neighbor who in delight of the discovery gave me a huge cup of hot chocolate dressed in marshmallows and sprinkles. Every sip is awesome!

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