Hot Overseas Property Destinations For 2012

A growing trend nowadays among wealthier countries is to invest in overseas property. This is also defined as international real estate. Their choice of property is usually located in a hotter climate to that of the buyer’s native country. The most sought after properties are located in tourism areas, usually large cities or coastal resorts.

Unsurprisingly, while out and about in Bangkok, we met many British nationals trying to buy condominium units in Thailand’s bustling capital. We stayed at Marriott’s The Empire Place and usually during morning,we share the swimming pool with other wives while their husband have breakfast meeting with real estate agents. In the course of conversations, I learned their top 5 preferred overseas property destinations.

1. Bangkok to get the best of exotic Asia.

2. Property for sale in Turkey is also appealing as they can get inexpensive Mediterranean lifestyle.

3. France for all its culture and nearness to London.

4. Although quiet expensive – Dubai for the the year round beach life.

5. Outside Eurozone, they like to have holiday homes in Florida, USA where they find the price affordable.

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