How To Dress For Jazz

The ever fashion forward E, received an invite to a jazz-themed party. The event takes place at an uber-posh restaurant where there will be a jazz band playing and strumming to jazzmaster musicians friend . Wow jazz is always associated with aristocracy and  this must be an experience to a whole new level. There will be dancing and singing and  whole lot of flapper dress – if by E’s excitement is any indication.

She has two weeks to come up with a 1920s fashion statement. Today for my blog’s sake, I tagged along to learn the art of dressing for jazz. After all, with The Great Gatsby film due for release next year, you and I are bo8und to attend jazz club or dance soon.

1. Always refer to the dress code. If nothing is indicated on the invitation, call a fellow club/dance goer, or any fo the staff on the location. This will give you an idea to the standard.

2. Do something with your hair. If it is short, gel to a shiny comb. If it is long, wear it up.

3. Research on the flapper dress. The more they sparkle, the better. Opt for a dress with elaborate hemline too.

4. Accessorize with pearls and long strand of jewelry.

5. Opt for low-heeled shoes – because you can be dancing anytime.

Get more ideas from The Great Gatsby movie trailer.


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