How To Dress Up For A Barbecue Party

We had our first family barbecue for the year on Saturday at Safa Park. It was a sunny day as usual, and the wind blew the right chill. We bought one of those natural gas grills so we can barbecue easily to our heart’s content. I wore a cream lace dress from H&M and topped with Ralph Lauren red jumper. I wore my hair on a tight bun and finished the look with flip flops and large sunglasses. Too bad I forgot to ask Hubby to take a photo of me because I was busy capturing every moment of my Little boy’s first barbecue experience.

Anyway, people smiled at us and ladies gave a nod on my dress. Ever since I heard Karl Lagerfield say, ‘I don’t forgive anybody who is over 35 looking untidy.’ I have become a little conscious with what my appearance. I am still four years away from that age but if I wish to look immaculate at that time, I should start ‘practicing’ the look now lol!

So today I will share to you some basics on how to dress up for a barbecue party. Nothing beats January blues than reading Girls of Riyadh and planning your outfit, right?

For your fashion inspiration

1. A barbecue outfit should be upbeat and summery, comfortable and able to absorb tomato ketchup. It’s too much to ask from a dress that is why it has always been very tricky to get the look. You may wonder why I chose a lace dress but hey, I only bought it for $6. Lesson: wear something you absolutely adore and yet something you can afford to part with.

2. If you are in your teen years, you can get away with daisy dukes for summer barbecue but if you are in 20s and intend to flirt while day drinking, wear something ladylike – something that will remind the rest of the crowd you are every inch a lady. You’ll be surprise how they will want to please you ((^_^)) and give you the most comfortable chair or the best part of the meat.

3. Opt for fun, comfortable footwear — ankle booties with fringe, wedge, and pretty flip-flops.

4. Bring along something to keep you warm — in case the weather gets chilly or mighty forbid, it rains:  a relaxed jacket, pashmina, hoodies, or oversize jumper.

5. Finish the look with sunglasses, scarf, and hat. It is also best to keep away your hair from your face. Ketchup smudges can look fun on your face but not on your locks.

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