How To Prepare For Your First Ski Holiday

On New Year’s Day, we got to experience the city’s massive indoor ski resort. The family had a wonderful time on the sled, trying the toboggan runs, and the snowball shooting gallery. Seeing we were having a great time, one staff suggested maybe it is time we should try it on real snow and book a ski holiday. We were informed that January to middle of March is the best time to ski for you will have a nice powder.

Always the one to explore new adventures, Hubby asked me to research on ski holidays (i.e. everything that we must know ahead of time). We are eyeing the French Alps since France is one country familiar to us. We are venturing to something totally new and I would like to share the list I made as I went on my research. Maybe you will find them useful in the future.

1. Skiing is not cheap so except for your thermal socks, borrow your ski clothing – rather than splurging on one kit you may never use again. Hire your skis and boots in the ski resort.

2. One week is enough but be sure to get fit. Prepare your leg muscles for you will snowplough up and down for six hours at altitude. If you have chance before the trip, practice at an indoor ski resort.

3. Beginners are highly recommended to book all inclusive ski holidays. Ski resort can be baffling and intimidating but your priority is to learn how to ski and enjoy your snow holiday. Not planning or cooking your meal or arranging your transportation.

4. Higher altitude locations are more exciting but with the price tag to match. Switzerland is the most expensive in Central Europe. Hala Ranch in Aspen Colorado is the most expensive ski home.

5. Bring along the kids for more fun. Children as young as 4 years old can be taught how to ski. Snowboarding are taught on 13 years old. For extremely young kids, ski resorts offer baby sitting services.

Like they say, ‘Skiing is for everyone.’ Heading to the snow for the first time can be nerve wracking but you can look for beginners’ ski resorts and bear in mind the five things listed above.


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