How To Wear Drop Waist Dress

I love the influence of Roaring Twenties fashion especially for spring. While the fringe style of dressing may seem delicate for everyday wear, the drop waist dress comes to rescue. So very pretty and comfortable comfortable, but I don’t recommend hoarding this style during the mid-season sale for even though they camouflage body flaws (i.e. slim hips), they can be hard for some body style.  Buy a piece or two if you are  a lover of of anything vintage, and see first if you really can get away with the look.

Popularized in 1920s, a drop waist is one with a longer bodice section and a shorter skirt.


How to rock/glam drop waist dresses:

1. Tall and slim hips body type suit this style of dress. The drop down waist balance the hip area making you appear more curvy at the bottom.

2. Leave the talking to your drop waist skirt hence a block color dress will draw attention to your dress’ detail. If you like prints and patterns, make sure the top half is just basic: sleeveless, V neck, or strapless.

3. If you are 20 and below, opt for the floaty style and pastel hues. This is a vintage look and no sense in dressing older than you are. Inject a playful fun into your dress buy opting for spring shade and flowing fabrics. Throw in some bangles, and peep-toe boots or some studded flats.

4. Age 30 and above, start practicing restrain on your fashion choices. Choose block colors and accessorize with pearls, or designer bag, or some killer heels. Definitely some fierce heels.

5. The reason why I do not recommend hoarding the style is they make your legs appear shorter and the overall style drag your bustline down. It’s fun and whimsical, perfect for weekend musuem trips, vintage car shows, or a fun afternoon with the girls. But it is not something I recommend if you wish romance in your cards.


Drop Waist Dress by Splash
Calligraphy Disc Earrings by S*uce
Bag by marc b.
Wedge sandals by New Look
Cat Eye shades by New Look
PinkMeUp Nail Polish by H&M

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5 Responses to How To Wear Drop Waist Dress

  1. Wander Woman says:

    Looking great. The color is very flattering too. I could never pull off a drop waist dress (it makes me look pudgy), so I’m envious.

    I miss Splash and S*uce.

  2. Mrs. Kolca says:

    You look really tall in that dress. I love the color. I think it will look good even with belt! 🙂

  3. roviedear says:

    i havent worn a drop waist skirt yet as im afraid it wont look good on me. however they look so nice on you! they definitely make you look a bit taller 🙂

  4. sexy you. I envy woman who have beautiful legs because i don’t have one , that’s why i go for long dress rather than mini or short ones. Really nice on you sis.

  5. jane says:

    Look so amazing dear! the dress fits you perfectly!! xx

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