How To Wear High-Low Skirts and Dresses

It’s another H&M story so if you don’t want to read, scroll down to the fashion tips on the last paragraph.

My first ever H&M clothing was a high-low dress, bough from Dubai flea market back in 2009 with a price tag still attached to it. I bought it for $1.50 (5AED) because the seller apparently didn’t know how to wear it. She actually told me it would look good as maternity dress lol!

I bought it for the price and because I thought the cut was interesting. It will be my first dress bought since giving birth.

Here’s how I wore it attending a Chocolate Exhibit in Dubai Festival City:

Photo taken August 2009

In 2010, the high-low skirt was a big trend on the fashion catwalk. These time around, the high cut goes above the knee creating a defined distance from the low hem. And now, everywhere you go, window display of high street stores offer the hi-lo trend in all colors and styles. I particularly love the mini skirt wrapped in sheer fabric with a high-low cut.

So how to work this trend?

1. Thankfully, this is one of those styles that will only be around for  a fleeting moment so don’t blow your cash. Buy from any of the high street stores or you can have one of your long skirts or old maxi dress altered.

2. Wear, wear, wear an interesting, fierce footwear.

3. High low dress or hi-lo skirt? Whichever is you preference, make sure to define the waist. Add a belt on a dress.

4. This look is relaxed and flowy so it works for all body types. Petite women can show  alot of leg and curvy ladies can opt for a block color to emphasize the curves.

5. Clutch bag perfectly compliments this trend of clothing.

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