How To Wear Leather Patch Leggings

The black leather is currently taking center stage in autumn/winter runways. If you are not prepared to invest in a new luxe leather jacket, you can still get up-to-the moment look with a pair of leather patch leggings.

Taking  a break to buy scrubs as my Aunt requested, I noticed a gorgeous pair from Red Tag. Right then, I decided to purchase because the trend has lasted for more than three season – and that makes it a wardrobe staple in the cooler months.  I personally think it is a funky, stylish alternative to plain black leggings or dark skinny jeans.  So just how do you rock a pair?

Black leather patch leggings by Red Tag

Beige chiffon blouse by H&M

Black suede pumps by Forever 21

Cocktail ring by H&M

1. Get your leather right. You can either invest in an all-leather pair or with a patch, matte or snakeskin but absolutely refrain from buying the liquid gloss style. I think they are too loud and all too plastic.

2. This black fashion statement highlights what you wear it with. So take extra care to plan your outfit. If you do not wish to look like a 1980’s rock star, avoid pairing it with Converse sneakers. If you wish to look like you came out of  a fashion magazine, wear them with statement heels.

3. Balance the rock n roll style with classic pieces. Wear it with chiffon blouse,  chunky knit, simple tunic tee. Avoid pairing leather with leather at all cost.

4. The look becomes more sophisticated with a longer top. And no, it does not go well with flip flops or summer wedges.

5. If you wish to create a taller, leaner frame, go for the seamless look. Try not to show a skin between the foot and leggings

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3 Responses to How To Wear Leather Patch Leggings

  1. Aileen says:

    It’s really tough to find the right mix of clothing to soften up the effect of any leather clothing, so thanks to your post, I think I’ll have more tips on hand to add to my courage of wearing such an outfit like this haha :>

  2. Lizzie says:

    How can you make it look classy and sexy at the same time?! Not fair.

  3. Eunice says:

    I love your tip #3! I always believe that balance is the key to wearing “strong” pieces without looking garish. 🙂

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