I Will Be a Mischievous Witch!

After months of searching, I finally found the perfect place to shop for my Halloween outfit. Yes, nobody could blame a fashionista like me for pulling all the stops to find the right costume. We get only one chance in a year to dress up like somebody else – like that person we secretly want to be.

You want to be a Virgin Air Flight Attendant, Top Gun Officer, or dream to be a Disney Princess, a famous celebrity, musician, TV personality (Charlie Sheen, anyone?) or even something 50s retro, go ahead. Anything is possible. The trick is simply just about finding the right costume from head to toe.

We are attending a private Halloween party with fellow married couples and everybody suggested sexy costume ideas. D is going to be a flirty sailor, V a French maid, S a Starburst Girl, and I think somebody said she will be a lady cop. When I asked Hubby for some suggestions, he said I am free to go wild lol! Therefore I want to be a witch. I am going to be one bewitching, mischievous witch!

Here’s my complete outfit.

But since I am a 1980s baby, I am also thinking of paying homage to my birth year. The autumn look is all about ponytail, tight bun, and keeping your hair together. Well maybe its time to relive the Big Hair decade?

I’ve researching of the perfect 80s costume ideas and I found out that we look no further because the icon Madonna represents it all. Wild child, punk girl, party girl, and all the bright neon colors in the world.

Take a look at my second choice of outfit.

But Hubby isn’t so keen about it. He does not like loud colors so maybe I’ll stick to being a mischievous witch ((^_^))

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