Ideas for American Souvenir

Souvenir buying is not my cup of tea. Always what we buy is a t-shirt for Little C with the name of the country we visited emblazoned. Fearing we will buy them the same uncreative souvenir, our friends gave us a list of the things they want from America. I am sharing them today with you in hope that you can help us improve it. Some are common and some some are very particular.

1. I (heart) New York T-shirt

2. Statue of Liberty snow globe

3. Custom designed jewelry inspired by Engagement Rings Salt Lake City.

4. A miniature New York taxi

5. Political pins and Washington DC key chain

6. Post Card mailed  from Las Vegas, Nevada

7. Watercolor art from Yosemite Valley

8. A small bottle of American whiskey

9. A framed Grand Canyon scenery

10. Lego from Legoland

11. Hollywood T-shirt and fridge magnet

12. Mexican Habanero spice

13. A miniature Empire State Building

14. Boxes of See’s Chocolate from California

15. Speculoos Peanut Butter

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