In Jeans Lately

I took Little C out for lunch today and we also met a very good girlfriend M. She was around our area practicing with her band. She wanted to know more of the website selling music software she heard me recommend to our other mutual friend. Eeryone’s been imprssed with the quick response of the website staying true to Mail your order today!

Anyway, M teased me because I was wearing skinny jeans and the two days ago when we accidentally ran into each other, I was in boyfriend jeans. She knows I don’t wear them unless I am boarding an airplane. For reasons beyond me, I find myself reaching for them on the closet rack. Or maybe I am too preoccupied nowadays to think of anything decent to wear.

Maybe too it started last week when I met my former classmate. I had to dress down as I didn’t want to put off his companions. I wore my 70s inspired flared jeans and walking around, boy it felt good for a change! I don’t know how long will this jeans rekindling last but I’m having fun and that is all that matters for now.

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