Infographic: Top 10 Most Expensive and Beautiful Engagement Rings

It’s the thought that counts, we know, but we wonder what sort of thoughts were going on in the minds of these women when their fiancés opened the box to reveal one of these lovely rings inside. How about $2.5 million? That’s 10-carat diamond ring that Michael Douglas gave to Catherine Zeta Jones.

But it’s not all price, really. Surprisingly, the “cheapest” ring in our list belongs to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s only about $137,200. Prince Williams is not scrimping on her for sure; rather, the ring belongs to his mother, Princess Diana, who wore the same piece after agreeing to marry the England’s heir to the throne decades ago.

Well, money can’t buy you to royalty, but it can buy you to the top of our list, which was what Richard Burton must have been thinking when he gave his ring to Elizabeth Taylor. How much is it worth? Let’s just say it’s worth as much as about fifty 2013 Bentleys.

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