Invitation to Barbizon Painter’s Village

Wow, two invitation for day trips outside Paris arrived today. First is to visit Chateau de Versailles and the second one, visit the famous Barbizon Painter’s Village.

The legendary Barbizon painter's village in South of France

We only have to choose the cheaper one because private taxi to take us on those places will cost around$250. An expat family in France whom we met in Italy last year offered to take us to the almost legendary Barbizon area for free — if their family RV gets to be repaired on time before our arrival. They are having problems with the water system and basement air conditioning.

We are very thrilled with the offer because really, visiting France is five times more expensive than Italy. I wish Mr.  Julien and his family will dial one of those quick and reliable motor home repair like Good Sam and get things done in speed yay! A free transportation and lodging for one day in a French countryside will provide huge savings for a family of three.


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