Italy Holiday Outfits (on a budget)

My love for travel started with our holiday to Italy in 2010. We thought of doing it one time, you know see what they call Europe. I was soo engrossed then being a Mom and living on a budget that everything else has to take a back seat – including my fashion sense.

Looking back at my photos though, I think I didn’t do bad hahhaha! I packed what was available and some of my favorite clothing pieces and did last minute shopping in Carrefour (of all places gah!) Given the purchasing power I have now, I would still stick to what clothes I chose to visit Italy. So if you are stressing yourself what to wear for your first European holiday, these will give you an idea.

We visited Italy on April 2010, spring time. The weather was perfect- just cold enough to walk around without getting all sweaty. Our first destination was Rome where we stayed for three nights.

We landed in Rome, and I quickly changed to blue shirt dress (by Max), skinny jeans (by New Look) and purple flats (by Paprika of Shoe Mart). The outift brought me to Borghese Gallery, Colosseo, and just about anywhere in the eternal city.

On the second day, I opted for  summer jacket (flea market) over pale blue high neck shirt (by  Banana Republic), and boot cut jeans (by New Look), purple flats (by Paprika) finished off with aviator sunglasses (by H&M). Our itinerary for the day included visit to St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museum, and double-decker bus tour.

Pearl drop earrings from flea market.

On the third day, we went for  day trip to Pisa, Tuscany. The morning chill had me chose jacket (by Mango), high neck shirt (by Max), bootcut jeans (by New Look), and Creative Recreation sneakers. By now, I am itching to get out of my jeans lol!

The following day, we arrived in Venice and quickly changed to a ruffled frock (by Max) and flip-flops. On spring time, Venice is so much warmer than Rome hence my skin savored all the sun it needed.

On our second day, I chose a colorful maxi-dress (bought from Carrefour), to go out and about Venice. When the chill comes around late afternoon, I brought along a basic black cardigan.

Then we flew took the train again bound for Milan and I had to go back walking around in jeans. To console myself, I chose to wear black silk blouse (by Zara) and a classic black lace top, a long time favorite on my closet (that I bought from flea market back in the Philippines).

On our way to see The Last Supper at Sta Marie del Grazie chapel.

Visit to The Duomo, Milan’s breathtaking gothic cathedral.

How about you? Do you take time to shop for your holiday outfits? Or you just pack your favorite clothing? Let me know below.


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5 Responses to Italy Holiday Outfits (on a budget)

  1. I simply pack the essential things but I do some shopping to for a change 🙂

  2. teJan says:

    wow…but I love the dresses.. so cute. I for one like to wear summer dresses when visiting warm places. Anyway, ohh I love Italy. We have been there last year:)

  3. When I pack for travel, I just shop from my own closet. 🙂 I love what I own, so I take my favorite pieces, and usually shop for a few clothing from whatever country we visit.

  4. Kaye T. says:

    I like all your outfits too especially your maxi dress… I’d definitely be all stressed out especially if its my first time to travel to Europe. Long time pangarap ko na yan! lol! And I can’t wait to pose by the Gondola’s too. 🙂

  5. sis ikaw na! ikaw na talaga ang uber-chic mama! great job at looking good while still being a mom 😀

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