Kilian Launches the ‘SACRED WOOD’ Fragrance

I was out shopping yesterday for presents to our families abroad. My girlfriend F tagged along to look for anniversary gift for her musician boyfriend. I suggested conklin bass at guitar center but she is also keen on giving him a unique fragrance – something her artsy partner also collects. So off we went to Paris Gallery to check out new offering.

The staff introduced us to Kilian’s 5the offering from their Asian Tales collection. Called Sacred Wood, itt pays homage to old Indian mystical beliefs. This fragrance is inspired by the Indian tale of Savitri and Satyavan, two lovers living in a mystic forest. Sadly, Savitri learned from a mystic sage that her husband was to die in one year. Three days before the foreseen death, she took a vow of fasting and stood vigil at the foot of a nearby sacred tree. When death came to take her husband’s soul, she insisted in going along. In order to get rid of her, death offered her any wish she wanted with the exception of saving the life of Satyavan. Savitri begged and pleaded relentlessly, and finally, with much perseverance, managed to save her husband, while also obtaining many wishes of happiness and success for her family.

Sacred Wood is a creation built around the olfactive impression of the authentic Sandalwood from Mysore. In India, the extraction of the Santalum Album has been practiced in perfumery for centuries. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the Santalum Album has been over-exploited and become highly vulnerable, to the extent that the use of its oil in perfumery is now prohibited. Kilian wanted to reconstitute the essence of this scent, which has an important footprint in our olfactive heritage. Sacred Wood recreates the sensuality of this essential oil through steaming milk accents, polished woods and hot spices.

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