Kim Kardashian Arrives In Dubai

Yes, the famous reality star arrived in wonderland (as the local newspaper suggests it) yesterday. She arrived with her Mother and is currently staying in Atlantis The Palm.

I have not seen any episode of her reality show, but I admire Miss Kardashian for always looking so put together whenever I  read about her on The Daily Mail. Her make-up so polished and not a hair out of place.

My admiration for her grew further because so far – since arriving Dubai, her fashion statement has been prim and proper in respect to UAE’s more conservative culture. The x-factor is still there,  her clothes still clung to her like  a second skin but you won’t see any cleavage. Take a look:

Kim arrives in Atlantis The Palm

 Not a cleavage in sight. Even her Mom was all covered-up in a maxi dress when they arrived in Dubai.

On Friday, Kim will reveal her signature milkshake at the grand opening of the new Millions Of Milkshakes store at The Dubai Mall.

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