Ladies, Keep You Car Shiny

Keep it blindingly clean and gleaming especially that fashion events are cropping up all over the city for the whole month of October. Who knows, they might even offer you free valet parking? A shiny car is almost always equal to a very important person.

I share with you some tips:

1.Do a regular wash. Once a week, once every two weeks, once every month whatever suits your lifestyle. An ounce of prevention is always better.

2. Use a paint cleaner/anti-oxidizer. This will remove any excess wax as well as any surface dirt that may be left on the vehicle after a wash. But for an efficient tree sap removal , use the trusted WD-40.

3. Use a good car polish and use a good car wax.

4. Don’t overlook your tyres. They should be gleaming black – unless of course you are using a white wall tyres =)

5. Make sure to do all these steps in the shade and make sure you are applying and taking off the products with micro-fiber applicators and towels. Terry cloth or cotton are too harsh and will cause swirl marks.


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