Late Holidays Deals

Oh yes! Everyone is jubilant as the UAE government yesterday announced schedule of the Eid Al Adha Holiday. The public sector will get a four-day off next week and private sector will remain closed for three days.

This is a most welcome news for every resident as it is a time to get away from it all. Living in a super city can be really stressful hence we need a break to rejuvenate and to re-energize our drive to work.

A downside though is if you didn’t make booking ahead, you are bound for disappointment. The temperature has dropped making it the best time to hit the beach and water parks hence all hotel beach properties are booked. I tried calling three properties last night and they all advised me to call back the reservation department on the third week of November because they are fully booked aaargh.

Now here I am trawling the net like half of the mother in the city in search of late holiday deals. We are a water-sport crazy family so I want something with beach access or an infinity pool at the least. Hubby tried to cheer me up and said that we should be more flexible now that holiday choices are limited. If beach properties are fully booked, then maybe we should try some mountain retreat or  a property in the middle of the desert. We can try falconry, ATV desert safari, ride a camel, or even horse back riding.

Hoping, dreaming of a lush mountain retreat…

The ideas pumped up my excitement. Oh there’s no reason to feel so sorry for ourselves after all! A mountain retreat would be just perfect. Think log cabin, cascading waterfalls, a play ground of greenery for my son…it’s  definitely a time to explore new vacation ideas.

I must go now and call Hatta Mountain Resort.

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