Let’s Play Nails and Dress Up

So very excited! My girls are coming over for dinner tonight and it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun.  I am still thinking of menu for dessert and while at it, I figured I should change toe nail polish. I still have to remove the bright red lacquer from New Year celeb haha.

I got two bottles of nail polish from H&M each costs 2AED ($.50). After applying purple glitter on my toes, I figured I have better control of the small brush so I proceeded to paint my hands. It came out so nicely with minimal smudges hihi. All my three previous nail polish were regular sized from NSTYLE and I just so hate I make a mess of it every time I have a manicure. The very reason I try to limit nail painting on my toes.

Well it looks like I found the perfect solution to my unsteady hands. I gotta go now and finally attend to dessert menu. Will also fix my books as the girls want to borrow hard copies of Game Of Thrones series and Hunger Games. I still wish to re-read George R.R. Martin’s work but I found free online audio books here where I can read them as well.

I don’t mind serving you in French maid’s dress but since I lack such desirable outfit, tonight I am wearing my pansy dress and green suede sandals. I’ll be damned if you caught me hosting supper in kitchen apron.

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