Little Boy’s Fashion #6

We’re on the sixth week yay! Thank you all for your continued visit. Today I share with you something we will sure miss when Little C bids it goodbye – his Ferrari Car Seat. He will turn four the day after Christmas, so we can now move him to a booster seat. Luckily, we don’t have to buy a booster seat because this one also doubles as booster seat – we just have to detach the high back. Yes, it’s a great value for money.


White shirt from Zeus Boy, SANA Fashion

Jeans from L.O.G.G. by H&M

Trainers from Mothercare

A Ferrai jacket we bought from 2009 Dubai International Motorshow

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3 Responses to Little Boy’s Fashion #6

  1. happy caity says:

    Ferrari boy! cool jacket, i like!

  2. May says:

    He’s gonna be 4?? He isn’t gonna be Little C for long, wow! Love his sense of fashion which is really mom’s sense of fashion LoL! Ferrari, rawr!

  3. MamaKo says:

    He looks comfty with that car seat. my daughter hates her car seat. Visitng from Kids Style

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