Little Boy’s Fashion # 7

It’s getting cooler and cooler everyday! Our weekends are mostly spent outdoors these days. I keep Little C warm with layers of shirts and these pair of gray tracksuits. It is a souvenir we bought from him at Disneyland Paris.


Lightning McQueen Hat souvenir from Disneyland

Mickey Mouse tracksuit from Disneyland

Yellow collared undershirt from Tchibo

Trainers from Mothercare

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4 Responses to Little Boy’s Fashion # 7

  1. happy caity says:

    nice souvenirs you got there little C! at may baon talaga na coloring book ha! 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    oh love mickey mouse!

  3. MamaKo says:

    great shot mommy. he looks like a model in the photos. love the japorms get up

  4. Lalah says:

    Nice jacket you got there little C. I Love Mickey and Minnie…. 🙂

    Visiting you for the first time from Kids style 🙂

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