Little Things I Want Under The Tree

So I woke up to this morning hearing the question: “What do you want for Christmas?”

Leave it to men and husbands in general to do Christmas shopping this late. So I’ll be a good girl this Sunday morning and give Hubby a list he can choose from. Well, he can either buy one, or two or crossed off all the list. A lady needs wants them all anyway.

So like the previous Christmas days, here are the little things I wish to find under the tree.

1. A Tacori Crescent Diamond band which you can buy from here .

2. A rose-gold boyfriend wrist watch from Tissot.

3. An upgrade – either for my Blackberry or my Nikon DSLR.

4. An embellished evening bag.

5. A dishwasher. I know that’s too big to fit under the tree but it will save me hundreds of trips to nail salon.

Do you tell your boyfriends or husbands too what you want for Christmas? Why or why not? I do because I’d rather have him spend on something I can use.


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