Looking For Best iPhone Deals

Finally, Hubby conceded I deserve an iPhone.

We agreed he will be the one to buy the world’s best smartphone provided I will be responsible for the subscription plan. I checked with my service provider and the agent sent me a copy of their postpaid plans.

I chose the regular plan at $39 per month. This includes 200 sms per month, 1000 MB per month, and 200 local minutes or 50 international minutes for  a period of 12 months.

I checked all the details with Hubby and when he nodded in approval, my next move is to check thoroughly where I can get the best iPhone deals.

While the first task has been relatively easy, finding the phone at a reasonable price is daunting. It is not surprising since every Apple product is much coveted. I am fortunate though to have friends who have bought the smartphone earlier and recommended I check out sites where I can compare prices of mobile and smartphones like uSwitch.com

When I checked early today,the site among other things lets you compare their price with other iPhone sellers in the market. It helps you gauge the price of your desired unit, so that you will be guaranteed of getting the best buy. I find the service extremely helpful and convenient as I no longer have to trawl the net night after night just so I can be sure where I get the most value for my money.

My order has been placed and now I sit back and wait for the courier in the next few weeks. Oh I am excited to speak with Siri of course! For the uninitiated, this software is the best feature the sets 5th generation iPhone apart form its predecessors. You have a virtual assistant which can be taught, you can converse with, and can be directed to send messages. I am hardly a gadget person. But ever since I saw Asimo, Honda’s humanoid robot perform at the recent International Motor Show, I have been very interested with robotics. Most especially if they can talk back to you.


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