Luxury Winter Holidays Are Reserved For Courchevel

That’s right. Hollywood stars, royal families, and the rest of the affluent people in the universe may spend summer soaking up the sun in their fabulous St Tropez hotels. But come winter, which is not far from now, the sophisticated snow-bunnies reserve chalets in Courchevel, the chicest ski resort in the Alps.

Courchevel is destination of choice for sophisticated snow-bunnies.

What’s not there to love? This luxury place that is perfect for skiing is not just your ordinary spot for this fun and enjoyable sport but also a place to actually relax and enjoy some luxurious timber vacation houses and its surroundings.

Courchevel, known to be one of the most luxurious ski resorts in the French Alps, boasts the history of being the venue for participants of the 1992 Winter Olympics. This historic participation made the place even more attractive.

The winter pull of Courchevel extends to several reasons:

The snow slopes: There is something enticing and romantic about the smooth contours of its mountain slopes and definitely an excellent resort for those who love to ski.

The timber houses: One of the things that make this resort luxurious is its timber houses. You can’t find this type of house structure just about anywhere. They are mostly home to the mountainous and snowy slopes.

The French sun: Amazing how the sun gladly blankets the snow covered mountains. The combination of white, cold slopes and the warm sun makes it all the more relaxing and pleasurable vacation.

With December being the perfect time to visit, you can parallel down manicured runs, hop off vertiginous cliffs and and cross-country with the beautiful ski instructor of your choice – thanks to the ESF Ski School.

Luxury chalets in Courchevel also include fully cooked breakfast, sauna, sun-drenched balcony, hand-picked wines, aromatherapy, and Supertravel 4×4 collects you at the end of each day.


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