Make Up Q&A: Blusher

I  am discovering the magic of blusher these days. I am using Deborah Milano in peach shade. It’s my first blusher and I bought it at a discounted price of $5 at Lifestyle Beauty Section.

My question though is what is the proper way: apply blusher on the apples of my cheeks or under my cheekbones?

Deborah Milano hypoallergenic natural blush

Luckily, Cindy of Good Taste Magazine answered: it depends on the effect you are trying to achieve. For a healthy glow that looks appropriate day and night, go for the apple-of-the-cheek route. Smile and apply blush on the chubbiest part of your cheek then blend outward.

The cheekbone approach only works in the evening when you want a diva look. Apply directly on the top parts of your cheekbones. A cream formula is your best bet for creating the effect. Blend until the edges fade softly.

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