Makeup 101: Tips for Every Occasion

The fundamental beauty of a woman is defined by the way she wears her make up. Be it eyewear, lip gloss or foundation, the application of a woman’s makeup defines her personality. Every occasion that a female addresses her makeup style changes, it is different during a party, a casual brunch with friends, a romantic dinner with your loved one or a high-profile business meeting at work. It’s seen very often that a majority of women are often confused while wearing makeup for certain events. Following are some useful tips to help you prepare for the most important events.

The First Date

The expression ‘first impression is the last impression’ is very true when it comes to the current generation where everything is judged by the way one appears. So, if you want to set a good impression on your first date, then make sure you wear a very fine, soft, yet noteworthy eye makeup. If you’ve pretty eyes then make them pop. Try not use a lot of lipstick and just stick to the basic swipe, focus on your cheek bones and highlight them with a peachy, glowing blush.

A Sporting Affair

An outdoor event means that you have to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays, so apply a moisturizer that has SPF. Apply a mild make up and press powder over your eyelids and face. This will ensure that your makeup sticks and you can concentrate on the game.


When in office, make sure you hydrate your skin by applying moisturizer before makeup. A good foundation is what follows next, don’t overdo it though, this will make conditions worse and make your skin look ghostly and pale.

Casual Night Out

Obviously people think that why would anyone want to wear makeup while with friends during a night out? The situation is different for perfectionist and for women who have had a certain crush on one of their friends. For a perfect casual makeup, one must master the art of wearing nude makeup, this is achieved by creating a flawless base. Eye makeup is not required but the lips should have a demure shade such as dark red or natural pink.

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