Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

The rest of the world celebrate Mother’s Day every second Sunday of May. However, over here in UAE and some countries around the Gulf, we celebrate Mother’s Day in March. And so the little wife’s club is now busy dropping hints to our husbands what we want to receive other than long stemmed tulips — because they happened to be extremely loaded with work they overlooked Valentine’s Day ((^_^)).

Soon there will be frenzy on mothers day gift ideas. A set of pearls will always do the trick but if you are looking for more creative ideas,  allow me to share with you some fashionable jewelry which any mom will truly cherish on her very special day.

1. Personalized vintage love letter necklace.

A really good love letter begs to be carried around and read again and again. This unique necklace lets her carry a loved one’s message or initials right around her neck. The finely detailed envelope locket contains a small attached “letter” that may be personalized for an extra stylish love token.

2. Stackable birth stone rings.

Birthstones are an ideal way to keep a reminder of a loved one close at hand. This delicate birthstone rings from RedEnvelope are designed to be stacked together, allowing a mother to wear her own birthstone alongside those of her true love, children, family members, or friends.

3. Family necklace.

Parents and children reach out to each other on our pendant, their arms forming a family circle with a loving heart at its center. This makes for an exclusive and unique gift.

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