Move Over Buble, Vin Diesel is The Crooner

I enjoyed all the movie franchise of Fast and the Furious but never been a fan of Vin Diesel – until today.

The web, including Time magazine, is abuzz with Valentine treat from the Hollywood muscle man. Vin Diesel posted a video of himself as he sings karaoke version of the latest Rihanna single, Stay. For people whose last memory of him looking rough and greasy with Coats tire machine from car themed movies, you will be pleasantly surprised. He sings from the heart, with rich deep baritone voice. He tries to reach the high notes and sometimes let Rihanna guide him through the lyrics. He is such a sweetie!

Though the video shows him in a dark corner, Vin Diesel cuts a stylish figure with a day jacket and stressed jeans. I hope one of the record labels will notice and let him do an album – even just for fun. People will agree they would rather hear from him sing live than endure Justin Bieber.

And yes he can give the longtime favorite of housewives, Michael Buble a run for his money.


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