New Ankle Tan Leather Boots

We are attending a Wild, Wild West 50th birthday party next week. For family gift, we are giving the celebrant an elegant box of Spanish cedar travel humidor . He’s been a very good family friend and we know that one of his greatest pleasure is a puff of Cuban cigar. He travels a lot too, so something light yet stylish will serve as perfect box to store around 7 to 8 pieces of cigar. That way, he can indulge even if he is in Dibba.

Anyway, I got Little C a Toy Story Woody costume and Hubby has no problem arriving because he has a Marlboro cowboy boots to match. The dilemma is on me because I only have one pair of black suede knee length boots.

I browsed and browsed online for the past three days and voila, I found a marked down leather pair from British clothing store, Next. Just lookie:

“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.” ~ Henry Rollins

Tan leather work boots that is so very comfortable despite the three-inch heel. I have long wanted a pair but those that i see on Forever 21 and H&M have very hard soles. While I am also partial to Newlook footwear, their ankle boots stocks always  ran out by the time they go on sale.

Now how to we wear these new babies? Skinny jeans and plaid shirt? A pretty sun dress? Or daisy dukes and graphic shirt? Mayhap somebody can lend me a thoroughbred horse?

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