New York Fashion Week: Victoria Beckham Autumn/Winter 2012

And she gave us the perfect military look.

Many labels gave nod to military look but perhaps, the most unforgiving was Beckham’s. Her signature body-hugging dresses, with zippers running down the spine, and impeccable  tailoring, she added sharp military touches giving you don’t-mess-with-me look.

I was impressed with the dress cuts but overall, there was nothing else surprising. However, I thoroughly adore the double-belt accessories, the collars were refreshing, and the biker-boots!! Gash, I am going to buy one sooner! I know I need another pair of boots but I didn’t know what style I wanted – until today.

Enough said. Here are my picks. Photos from Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

I rarely like to wear the color green but when I do, I tend to lean on a green hunter color. I may be so over animal prints but the coat in the middle with python lining is absolutely clever. I can’t say anything else for the red dress — we all need one.

A dazzling military chic.

The harness-back reminds me of Lisbeth Salander.

It was  a family affair as David Beckham and Harper were also present for the show. And in case you think some of the models borrowed baseball socks, the influence is from her son Brooklyn.

But perhaps, Harper got the best deal of all as she got a bag named after her.

Three suede totes with two front pockets, a front flap and a large handle. Victoria added handbags to her collections in 2010.

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