North Island: The Epitome of ‘Barefoot Luxury’ Welcomes GCC Guests

North Island, operated by Wilderness Collection, is a sanctuary of exclusivity and ‘barefoot luxury.’ Providing the very best in privacy, location, accommodation and hospitality, North Island offers a rare Seychellois experience in harmony with the environment.

Wayne Milgate, North Island’s newly appointed General Manager commented, “Having spent over 12 years managing internationally renowned coastal and island resorts in the Pacific, I aim to ensure that the needs of all guests at North Island are not just met, but anticipated and exceeded.”

Wayne’s extensive experience and his love of the ocean and of the unique biodiversity of remote island habitats mean that he is the perfect General Manager to take North Island to the next level of guest service.

This island paradise in the Indian Ocean has only 11 luxurious and exclusive guest villas, exquisitely designed and individually handcrafted by Seychellois and African craftsmen. Each villa offers a private sanctuary with stunning views of the turquoise sea and magnificent deserted beaches.

On North Island, each stay is tailored in an effortlessly attentive manner to make sure that each guest feels welcomed and special. GCC visitors will discover personalised luxury at its finest, epitomised by a unique culinary ‘no-menu’ concept. The chef will speak to each guest to develop individual daily menus based on their preferences and desires. Locally-grown produce from the island’s vegetable and herb gardens is used to prepare only the freshest food combinations.

A choice of exotic, beautiful and secluded venues complement guests’ individually selected meals; booking an entire beach for the afternoon is not seen as extravagant. On North, time stands still and becomes yours to dictate.

On land or in water, North Island offers a range of activities to enjoy – from nature trails and mountain biking to snorkelling or diving in the warm seas. Sea kayaking, fishing expeditions and boating to other islands is available for the more adventurous.

Guests seeking the ultimate soul healing may choose a holistic treatment from the North Island spa, located in inspiring surroundings overlooking turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs. Treatments are also offered in the privacy of a guest’s villa.

North Island has already established its name amongst international celebrities and influencers, offering unmatched service and an unforgettable experience. Middle Eastern visitors will be delighted by a new standard of ‘barefoot luxury’ at its best – a special destination that touches the lives of its guests.

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