OOTD: Floral Lace Dress For Lunch

On the last day of the week, I went to Hubby’s office to help a VIP with US visa application. Thursdays also happen to be my busiest day for I also offered to meet another friend who is suffering a severe case of homesickness. So what do you wear to appear dignified and fun at  a later time? I didn’t have much time to pick my dress but I knew one thing, I shall wear my coat for the temperature has dropped to 18 degrees.

Inside the coat, I opted for a floral lace dress from Topshop. This is my second tea dress from the brand and I am really beginning to love their creations. I adore how their dresses perfectly cling to my body contours, the length just about right and waist perfectly nipped. If I am invited to afternoon teas or make sudden appearance, a Topshop dress is my to go.

This is most likely my last autumn/winter outfit so I maxed the earth tones. Before pastel explosions occur, I opted for chocolate suede handbag and ankle strap brown croc from Italian shoe brand Pedro.


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