Painted Toes At The Beach

Beach, sand, and nail polish?

Since painting my toenails at a staycation in Danat Resort, I have found myself grabbing a bottle of nail polish whenever I am in the mood for a swim. Yeah weird me. I don’t know, but it makes me feel a whole lot girly and sexy. Now I understand why people go gaga on buying nail polish hihi.

Thankfully, I don’t have to buy any bottle because I have a couple from NStyle. I almost gave them away for I had no idea how or when to use them. Kudos to kikayness, I have found them to cheer up my deflated mood.

Three days in a row at the beach and nail polish hasn’t come off! Gotta love Nstyle.

Yes it’s autumn and snowing in some parts of Europe. But here in our city, November is the best time to hit the beach. Time to bring out your deep-coloured swim suit, paint your toe nails in berry, and frolick in the beach to your heart’s content.

Do you make sure to paint your nails while swimming or lazing around the swimming pool? When do you get the strongest urge to change nail polish? What’s you favorite color for autumn/winter?


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  1. roviedear says:

    the purple one looks so great! i wanna have that color for fall / winter šŸ™‚

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