Paris Holiday Outfits (on a budget)

Paris maybe on CNN’s list of worst cities to visit but there’s no denying we all want to visit the City Of Lights – at least once in our lifetime. Like most European places, it is expensive and you might seriously consider skimping on your holiday outfits. Unfortunately, Paris calls for being presentable at all times. I learned during our visit to Italy that Europeans and all of its restaurants treat you well if you look decent i.e.Β  no flip-flops, sneakers, or tattered jeans – even though the city is made for walking.

Even my husband who absolutely does not care about fashion called to check if I packed his leather jacket and his dinner suit. I smiled at the thought we have learned to respect other cultures simply by dressing up.

We landed in France at the onset of autumn season. Clad in leather jacket, suede boots and grey chiffon blouse, the hotel was full yet Marriott Hotel staff let us check-in earlier than we expected. Six hours before the designated check-in time and free of charge, they gave us the key to our villa for the week’s stay. We didn’t mean to arrive that early but you gotta love Etihad Airwayds for no flight delays.

Second day in France, we headed to Louvre Museum, had lunch at Marriott Champs Elysee, and took a double decker bus tour. My outfit: dark denim jacket by HongKong label U2; blue haltered dress by Urban Behavior, grey tights by H&M, and suede boots by Anne Klein. I opted to layer so in case it gets warm, I can simply remove my jacket. They are old clothes from my closet except for the long silver necklace I bought from New Look. Invest in blue color because it is always stylish during cooler months.

Β The next day, we went to Palazzo Versailles in the morning and joined a cruise by the River seine. I chose a white summer jacket and floral print dress both thrift hunted from H&M.

Exploring the French countryside. Outfit from flea market: hunter green dress by New York Laundry.

For our Disneyland Paris trip, I went for a red shift dress and necklace from New Look’s Autumn/Winter Collection 2011.

We capped our trip with a visit to Eiffel Tower. Outfit:Β  Jacket by Mango, black lace cutout shorts by River Island and scarf by H&M.

Has your travels influenced the way you dress up? Do you ‘dress as the Romans do’? Or do you insist on your individuality while at a new place? Let us know below.


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5 Responses to Paris Holiday Outfits (on a budget)

  1. Rizza says:

    I dress for comfort, especially now that I don’t have office mates and bosses people to impress. LOL! Anyway, it’s true what you said…most of us do want to visit France. Maybe someday magawa ko din yan! haha!

  2. Sumi says:

    I actually haven’t traveled to a lot of places yet, but I’m more of a “dress as the Romans do” but still injecting my own fashion style.. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I wish I’d be able to travel to Paris too. Would love to explore their cuisine apart from sightseeing πŸ™‚

  3. I am so envious! I wanna be in Paris and a lot of places in Europe. I dress for comfort too but I dress according to the ocassion as well. In my travels I noticed something too, Filipino’ dress comfortably and are the ones who likes flip-flops more than anyone else and they are so easy to spot anywhere in the world! Lovely photos btw! πŸ™‚

  4. aaaw. Paris is such a dram destination and I envy you for being there. Hopefully when I get the chance to be there, I get to go to the places you visit πŸ™‚

  5. Ruth says:

    I always make sure I wear something comfortable when traveling, esp when it comes to shoes! But I just realized I always try to blend with the country’s culture everytime I travel and then I just incorporate my own style πŸ˜‰

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