Pearls & Chain Multi-Row Bracelet

A new way to wear pearls everyday!

They usually call for an elegant, classy dressing. They are perfect accessory for afternoon tea. These days, pearls and chains are combined to createa fresh approach to the much beloved women’s accessory. I have been eyeing them for awhile now but first we needed to help a relative to buy eon code web to print so any purchase had ti be put off.

Thankfully, my patience and waiting paid off because H&M came out with a $3 version. I am giving my bangles a rest and for the rest of autumn winter, my wrist are now clad in a multi-row bracelet of pearls and chains. They are perfect for the little white dress, the chiffon blouse, against dark jeans, but most of all I love that they perfectly complement my wedding band. Have a look:

Everyday charm! Multi-row pearls and chain bracelet by H&M for $3.

What’s your most coveted fashion jewelry these days? Do you have any favorite wrist accessory?


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