PINKO Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Starring in the Pinko spring/summer 2013 collection is a woman who reinvents herself. A woman, who observes, selects, mixes and interprets. A woman familiar with virtues and vices, work and play, serious occasions and times to relax. A woman who lives in difficult times, it’s true, but who constantly wears a smile. And when she gets into gear she leaves all others behind.

Sport chic. From perforated tennis togs come new transparencies to be enhanced with unexpected embellishments. Fencing inspires snug jackets with asymmetrical closings. Track pants and boxer shorts are departures for new slacks, while the graphics are those of athletics. This is the new code for urban active wear: softer shapes become incredibly chic with all-over laser-punched air-holes while rhinestones, beads and shiny fabrics transform sports uniforms into the fashion maven’s new musts. Visors and pleats have never been so alluring.

Neo-baroque. For this inscrutable era there’s no better interpreter than macramé lace that plays with light and mystery, with the body and soul it gives a glimpse of. Its proper pairing is with Fifties-style bijoux, light studding on shoulder bags and iridescent laces on witty footwear, as shiny as lip-gloss. Even the 3-D texture of some fabrics plays with trompe-l’oeil: jacquards in abstract designs or brazenly taken from upholstery fabric, natural materials and multicolour “Chanel”.

Orient Express. Should your glance go past the eastern horizon it would be enchanted by floral prints and cleanly contoured kimonos. And so here you find them on printed and jacquard fabrics, fused into glamorous citations of Japanese print artists. Even the Rising Sun’s martial arts offer garments for new interpretations: the quilted karate belt becomes a post-modern corset delineating the decidedly occidental trophy of the waistline. And authentic haikus are composed by the traditional embroideries on ceremonial kimonos, applied in contrast to casual elements with techniques like satin stitching to create a kaleidoscopic three-dimensional effect.

Pantone. The creative energy of orange, from details to a total look, blended into pale sienna and universal beige. The serene strength of blues, ranging from the most electric tones to navy sparkled with sequins to the coolness of azure and turquoise. The haughty elegance of Nile green. The great allure of lame. Exotic animal prints, flowers in black and white.

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