Postcards From Croatia

The city was engulfed in a sandstorm for most of the weekend but my spirits were high as I received envelopes of postcards. These are from Jelena from her home country, Croatia.

Republic of Croatia is located at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb and second is the City of Split.

Croatia’s common religion is Roman catholic hence the city’s main symbol is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Domnius. In 1979, the historic center of Split was included into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Split is said to be one of the centres of Croatian culture.

An island in Croatia called Bisevo is also popular with the natural wonder Blue Cave. Sometimes know as the Blu Grotto, it is one of the best known natural beauty spots on the Adriatic and a popular show cave because of the glowing blue light that appears at certain times of day.It is 18 meters long, 6 meters deep and 6 meters high. Around 10 to 13 o’clock sunbeams that penetrate through the submarine opening in the Blue Cave, reflect from the white bottom floor and colour the cave in blue and objects in the water in silver.

Another popular destination in Split is the narrow whit pebble beach called Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape). The shape of the beach shifts with the changes in tide, currents and wind, veering out into the sea 634 m long.

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