Property Feature: Hotel Du Palais Biarritz

It is a well known fact that the villa the houses the Hotel du Palais in Biarritz, overlooking the Bay of Biscay was built by Napoleon III for his stunning wife, Eugenie. Few travellers realize however that the Spanish-born beauty had been to Biarritz before and that it was she who convinced her husband to visit the resort town in the first place.

Today the scarlet-and-cream colored seaside villa still channels its grand heritage. Rooms are lavish and high ceilings create  abreezy, destination-appropriate vibe. Equally sumptuous is La Rotunda restaurant, where the beau monde comes for special occasion meals. The extensive wellness facility, complete with Guerlain spa and lounging areas with sea views, is the kind of enclave the Eugenie surely would have loved.

  • Biarritz is sister city to Augusta, GA
  • The Spa’s tea salon is named after the Empress Eugenie and overlooks the Miaramar Beach
  • Private Cabanas can be reserved by the pool, the largest in Biarritz.
  • The Ecole du Surf offers classes on how to ride Biarrz’s famous waves, Europe’s premier surfing spot.
  • 12 golf courses are within an hour of drive.
  • Seek out Biarritz photo whose owner famously documented the glamorous visitors during the 1960s.


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