Quirky Hotels Around the Globe

If you’re sick and tired of modern corporate hotels that all look the same, then check out these unusual and original hotels. Some of these hotels are so quirky that they’re almost worth the trip just to see them.

Some of the world’s quirkiest hotels include:

  • The Treebones Resort in Big Sur on the California coast, USA.  At this resort guests stay in yurts huts like the ones that the Genghis Khan Mongol warriors slept in. Each cliff top yurt offers spectacular views and requires guests to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. The yurts cost $95 a night but they are definitely worth it for the experience.
  • Harlingen Harbour Crane is located in Harlingen, the Netherlands. This hotel is unique for two reasons. First, it has only one room, and second, it was built inside an old crane that sits at the city’s docks. The crane sits several hundred feet over the harbor. The crane also turns in any direction if you want!
  • Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, Sweden. This hotel is actually an old 747 that was once used by Pan Am. The plane now sits at the entrance to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. It features a bar, café, private rooms, dorm rooms, and a luxury suite in the cockpit. The plane’s wings serve as an observation deck in the summer.
  • McMenamin’s Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon, USA. This hotel is located in the former Kennedy Elementary School in Portland. It features the chalkboards and cloakrooms once used by students and teachers. The luxury hotel has its own brewery and movie theatre. Television fans might be bothered by the similarity of the building to the demon-infested Sunnydale High School from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin. This might be the world’s weirdest hotel. It features bizarre paintings on the ceiling and beds without legs. Each room is different and was apparently designed by a madman. You can even sleep in a coffin if you want. Be warned: this might not be a place to go for a good night’s sleep.

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