Rajasthan: The Land of Majestic Forts and Spicy Food

Rajasthan is the quintessential place to visit for any traveller touring in India. This place is a blend of all the major aspects that represent the Nation. It is believed that at least 1 in 3 international travellers visit Rajasthan if they are in India; that says a lot about this beautiful place. The culture of this state is 5000 years old and has a great influence on Indian beliefs and ideologies. An optimum vacation spot, Rajasthan has something for everyone – a delight for travel junkies and a haven for family vacationers.

Travelling during winters to this place is recommended as the climate is much more pleasant and offers picturesque views. This place also offers an array of culinary delights – gorge on the mouthwatering Marwari food and you will be craving for more servings, as these delicious dishes are the essence of Rajasthan. One more interesting activity to indulge in is shopping from the famous local bazaars of this city. You can find traditional handicrafts, clothing items and spicy food masalas here. You can also view the several street performances that take place, like snake charming acts, magic tricks, folk dancing and songs performed by the local talented artists.

The most common elements that will be seen while touring Rajasthan are the majestic forts and mansions, these architectural wonders add to the beauty of this place. Do visit these places and go click-crazy as these monuments provide an excellent backdrop for your holiday pictures.

Choosing areas to visit in Rajasthan can be a daunting task, a good travel agency is definitely recommended while planning a trip to this city. Some of the most popular tour operators offer an array of Rajasthan Vacation Packages; these include a visit to most of the popular places along with convenient accommodation and travelling arrangements. Remember to book your tickets only from a reputed holiday expert, so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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