Review: NC Revitalising Dead Sea Mud Mask

A few nights ago while reading the paper, I came across an article saying a lot of stressed business people are making regular side trips to Dead Sea Jordan. The premier reason, not only for some much needed R&R but to take advantage of the Dead Sea mud and get some of its most sought after skin healing properties.

And then I remember Zanedo beauty box sent me a 150g tub for their June box. This one if offered by Natural Care, a home grown brand from Jordan. They have a range of Dead Sea products from oil to soap and bath salts.

Accordingly, Natural Care Revitalizing Mud Mask is a natural recipe rich in the beneficial Dead Sea minerals derived from the Dead Sea (Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, and Magnesium Bromide). Natural Argan Oil and other essential oils are also blended. It promises to remove dead skin cells, revive skin pores, and promote healing.

I admit that it took me awhile to try it because I thought it will be quiet messy. But lately, I have been using  a lot of artificial face mask that I felt I needed something more natural to break the routine. So I gave this one a go.

And here;s what I found out:

1. It has fresh clean fragrance. One you lift the tub cover, a clean scent wafts through and you get this spa-like feel instantly.

2. It is not messy at all. I mean you don’t get mud dripping on your palms and wrist. The smooth paste like texture once applied sticks – I think even clings – to your skin.

3. You apply thinly on face and neck making your purchase last longer.

4. You have to leave it on for 25 minutes. At around 15 minutes after application, I feel a slight tingling sensation and then you feel the mud dries up and your face feel so tight and taut. It is easily rinsed off with warm water.

5. After rinsing, I noticed my pores were bigger and my skin was a bit dry. Well it did promise it will open your pores. I slather on my regular night time face moisturiser and went to bed.

The morning after

Come next day, I did really notice my face was smoother, the skin was soo soft and the pores were tighter. On the other hand this change is noticeable every time I do a mini-DIY spa regardless of the kind or brand of face mask. That’s why I’ve been hooked and make it a point to do it once a week.

However, knowing Dead Sea mud mask has more natural properties than any face mask I tried, I am bound to stick with it for a long long time.

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6 Responses to Review: NC Revitalising Dead Sea Mud Mask

  1. Anne says:

    wow! good results… i think it’s a must try…

  2. Rhea Bue says:

    Oh my!!! This looks very promising! 😀 I want to try it out too. Hope I can find it here too <3

  3. The mask goes on smooth as silk…and then it grabs onto your skin within the 10 minutes and you know it’s working!My skin is silky smooth, mega clean, and happy!Only complaint? It truly SMELLS like the sea….like after the tide has gone out! BUT hey for the value and the result? its worth holding your nose ;)The seller is amazingly quick on sending out the product, very responsive, and wonderful to deal with! Would absolutely buy another product from the company and strongly recommend it.

  4. I haven’t purchased this product online yet but intend to. Original use of Ahava natural dead sea mud was in Israel, after 1 use, your skin feel silky smooth and baby soft. Love it!

  5. Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap is pure and unperfumed, this soap removes dead skin cells and impurities.

  6. I haven’t purchased this product online yet but intend to. Original use of Ahava natural dead sea mud was in Israel, after 1 use, your skin feel silky smooth and baby soft. Love it!

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