Review: Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Make-Up Kit

This is my very first make-up kit. It roughly compares to what I have in my small vanity pouch – only that this is perfectly arranged and has more colors teeheee.

I debated whether I really need a make-up kit. But I do know that I need to practice and play with colors. When I saw that it costs a mere $20 – it is way way cheaper that what I can buy from Sephora to practice so without further hesitation, I paid at the counter and played with it the very next day.

VS Ultimate Makeup Kit comes in an elegant glossy black case that measures 14.4cm x 10.8cm x 3.2cm. It has a huge vanity mirror with three stackable sliding trays – two on each side – a tray in the middle and one slide tray at the bottom. Opening and spreading the trays made me feel like I know a thing or two about vanity lol!

The top two trays contain 30 Silky Eyeshadow. I have used the neutrals and the dark tones which are all semi-pigmented and on the shimmery side. I think it is just what I need to help my eyes pop. The colors blend easily and using  a proper eye make-up base, the eye shadows lasts all day – in my schedule that includes trip to car wash, breakfast at Tim Hortons, drive to Dubai Mall, play area, lunch, and shopping.

The second tray contains 5 Lip Glosses and 5 Perfect Lip sticks. Ever since my husband proclaimed  he prefers me with shiny lip gloss, I have stayed away from any matte lipstick. The VS Lip Glosses needed a helping hand from my NStyle Lip Stick but I love, love their colors especially the 4th pot from the top on the second line.

As you can see also on the second tray, it includes mascara, black eyeliner, nude lip liner, probably the main reason why I bought this kit. I want a kit that will stay in my budoir – with everything that is exactly in my vanity pouch to go. Those three things are a must for me. But I can’t buy two Real Benefit Mascara, two No. 7 Liquid Eye Liner, or two Deborah Milano lip liner because that would be very expensive. This VS kit provided a cheaper alternative to my vanity kit.

As with the brushes, it is still best to invest in professional brushes. I don’t have them yet so used my fingers to apply the eyeshadow and was forced to use the blush brush which I found rather harsh.

The bottom tray is my favorite. It includes four (absolutely!) gorgeous blushes, a Luminous Powder, a Translucent Powder, and a Bronzer. I love, heart a good blush and the third pot from the left is my favorite.

Verdict: VS Ultimate Make-Up Kit is affordable and quality and if you are gifted to know how to blend those colors, you are sure to enjoy the palette. Using the proper make-up base, it can last all day and you will only need a slight retouch come happy hour. Invest though in a heated eyelash curler if you plan to use the mascara that comes with it. But the best part I guess is that, VS Utimate Make-Up Kit also easily comes off. You don’t have to use those make-up remover or scrub your face hard. Any milky face wash will take care of it. It works perfect for me because at the end of the day, I just wish to wash my face and slather on moisturizer then hit the sack.


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  1. Eunice says:

    The palette looks promising! It’s even surprising that you got it for 20USD whereas here in the PH, online sellers are selling the palette for 60+USD.

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