Romantic Things To Do In Florida

If you’ve ever dreamed of that perfect romantic location, where you and your other half can relax, honeymoon, or just get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then it’s time to consider the sunshine state of Florida. From tropical warm breezes to exquisite dining, beautiful sunsets to luxurious accommodation, Florida is the upcoming destination to spend some quality time with your partner, and there are a number of great things to see and do.

Whether you’re an adventurous couple that like hikes and biking, or you want to spend your getaway lazing on the beach of your oceanfront villa, the possibilities are endless in Florida. Fine dining awaits you around every corner, and the nightlife leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, so let’s take a look at some of the best things for couples to do in Florida, and see whether you can be tempted to take a romantic trip to this stunning state.

Ancient Romantic Attractions

St. Augustine is a place where you can turn back the pages of history to a time where bed and breakfasts were the pinnacle of hospitality. From cute and cosy bedside inns to bespoke and minimalistic motels, places such as the Cedar House Inn or the Westcott House offer a warm and relaxing atmosphere, as well as a blissful romantic setting.

During the day, couples can take a stroll down St. George street, a historical and timeless shopping district enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. By night, why not try out the famous Columbia Restaurant, or take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride down the beach front and past a number of stunning and ancient landmarks.

Beach Beginnings and Dinner Cruises

If you want to explore your surroundings the best you can during your getaway, sometimes it’s best to just get lost! Florida is one of the best places in America to take a random, directionless stroll, and as the state benefits from glorious sunshine all year round, so can you and your partner. Secluded spots and amazing landscape backdrops can be found all over Florida, however one of the most beautiful places to walk around are the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel. Not only does it boast the state’s most romantic park, but the beaches are some of the highest ranking in the entire country.

Amazing sunsets dominate the Florida skyline, and it’s one of the best freebies a couple can ask for during a romantic getaway. From Estero Island to Bonita Springs, there are a number of opportunities for water sports, hiking and shelling, and if you want to make your getaway a trip to remember, then why not try some jet-skiing or parasailing!

Finally, Florida is known all over America for its excelling dining experiences, so if you want to taste some of the best cuisine in the south east, then the sunshine state is the place for you. Luxury boat cruises line the rivers, and combined with the dazzling starry-night sky, dining on the Florida waters is truly a memorable experience.

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