Shoe Tuesday: Open Toe Lace Up Boots

I got some kick-as* pair again from River Island. It’s a peep-toe lace up boots that gets my husband laughing hard.  You see, I am the world’s worst shoe-lace tier. It takes me ages to neatly tie my brogues that I vowed never to buy a pair with laces.

But who can resist wearing this naughty pair?

Open toe laced up booties from British high-street brand River. It has 3-inch block heels and zip on the sides.

It borders to grunge trend but black graphic shirts are so not my thing. So I tend to pair this with skirt and black jeans and a Hanes shirt. Some days, I grab my Disney shirt.

I recently rock them with jeans on school meeting talking about classroom desks. Then later that day, I met my girlfriends for an overnight where I simply changed to skirt. I added some chain bling and headed to The Irish Village.

 Share us, do you love the peep-toe trend right now on boots? Or you prefer the old-school no frills – they must keep me warm style?


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