Shoe Tuesday: River Island White Embellished Sandals

I bought my very first footwear from River Island last year. An embellished flat sandals which I found so comfortable with its padded sole. I can wear it every day – even for long walks.

It is my favorite pair and it looks really worn out now for I even wear it to the beach. That’s how much I love wearing it. My friend V knows my obsession with the pair hence while out and about shopping last week for bedroom furnishings, she spotted a 75% off sale at River Island. I was then at the adjacent homeware depot looking for whole body pillows – a must for our beauty sleep. After paying my purchase, we met at River Island and I came out with this 5-inch beauty.

Picture all the clothes you can wear with it – shorts, jeans and long skirts…but for now let’s rock it with a pair of leather.

Have you been shoe shopping lately? Or do you plan to go shoe hunting in few days? What’s on your list?

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3 Responses to Shoe Tuesday: River Island White Embellished Sandals

  1. April Perez says:

    that pair is absolutely to die for!!!!! recently, i purchased shoes too, but those are just black flats that i’ll be wearing for school this june.

  2. Sumi Go says:

    That’s a gorgeous pair of sandals! I would love to have something similar since I have outfit ideas needing that kind of sandals. Anyway, I wish I can wear high heels that often. But as much as I’d love too, I don’t think any high-heeled shoe (or my feet) can handle my commute route >.<

  3. roviedear says:

    ganda!! embellished shoes are so nice talaga! they can easily make a statement on your outfit šŸ˜€

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