Spring/Summer Fashion 2013: Hot Beach Accessories

By now we have emerged from our winter blues and busy planning Easter escape or spring break location. What a relief! Days of rain, snow, and what seems to be eternally gloomy skies is pushed back far behind us.

Fashion naturally follows with resort fashion now dominating every window display. However, before you go shopping to update your closet for spring summer, here’s a guide of what’s hot and luxe aside from wide brimmed hat and round sunglasses.

1. Glam Earrings. Who says all that glitters at the beach is only appealing to the sharks? This is your perfect excuse to buy those shoulder-dusting danglers of costume jewelry. A real gem would be too precious to lose out in the sea but a pair from high street (feather, shell, turqouise) will sure lift your mood, play up your tan, and you can frolick carefree not losing any inch of your style sparkle.

2. Sarong Tie. Wrapping a sarong around your hips (or your neck in halter style) make you stand out from the  pack of bikinis. Add flair with a tying device which comes in pretty shapes and colors of heart, butterfly, or flower. Sarong tie as they are called, have two holes which you can pull the corners of the fabric through and tie off. They hold the fabric tight and prevent big, bulky knots that could come undone.

3. Maxi Dress. After lounging all day in a pair of bikini, turn prim and proper with a flowing maxi dress. Opt for light, breezy or chiffon style. There’s nothing more alluring than an evening walk by the beach with lady in long, flowing dress.

4. White Watch. Stacked bangles is popular on the beach wear. Opt to be elegantly different and get a white watch instead. It can be ladylike or oversized. In any size or shape, a white watch is uber luxe in summer.

5. Barefoot Sandals. This is my personal favorite and there is absolutely no wondering why. It should be packed to any barefoot destination you are heading.

How about you? What summer accessories you look forward buying? Share us!


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